Google SEO!
Wedigitalpro increases / improves your visibility in a natural way in the search results of your potential Customers!
Local SEO
Your customers are nearby, no need to flood the internet with content that will be read thousands of miles away. Wedigital helps you to target only people who are in your geographic surroundings.
Social media marketing
An effective strategy for addressing your customers via social networks helps to acquire new customers, maintain the link with potential customers, while engaging your audience.
Email Marketing
Wedigitalpro creates tailor-made marketing campaigns for each segment of your audience. an effort adapted for each segment and each product to increase the effectiveness of your commercial actions.
Local SEO strategy
It is important to focus the communication effort on potential customers. Some companies whose target is national or even local, communicate to everyone. The local SEO strategy makes it possible to concentrate the effort on potential customers only.
referencing on Maps / GPS
your potential customers are looking for you on the GPS maps. Be present and provide essential information. The GPS will bring them to you.
Content creation
Your customers are curious about your services. they need to know you better. Reassure them, give them as much information as possible. We help you create relevant content.
Digital advertising
Your customers no longer consume information in the same way. they abandoned paper for digital. We help you address them better.
Website design
You are different, your own customers are different. We create websites adapted to your needs and your objectives, as well as those of your clients / We put your own objectives and needs, as well as those of your clients, at the heart of our thinking to create adapted and different websites.
Emailing design
You don't speak to one person the same way you address hundreds, if not thousands of people. We design mass mailing campaigns / We design mass mailing emails - to prospects you want to turn into customers.

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We offer a full range of digital services

Our objective is to allow companies to benefit from the contribution of the Internet and IT tools. Wedigitalpro supports them to use the internet with the most innovative concepts:

  • Coupling of the website with Telecom infrastructure
  • Coupling the website with your CRM
  • Coupling of the website with mobile communication tools, landline, chat, video ...
  • Coupling of the website with the tools of your external partners
  • Coupling of the website with your ERP and your business processes
  • Open your information system to your customers and partners (CRM, PRM)
    Collect data from your customers and prospects on your website
  • Save, transform and exploit data (Big data, data science ...)
  • Control your notoriety on the web (E-reputation, SEO / M)
website at the center of your activity

first step on the internet Google Maps

Attract new customers with your Google Maps listing. Make your Google listing appear, when people search for your business or businesses like yours on Google or Google Maps. With Wedigitalpro, you can stand out and help your potential customers find you.

Adapted digital services offers

Our digital services adapt to your budget, our goal is that your investment is profitable
Work with you to formalize your goals. Quantitative, Qualitative within the framework of the desired budget and deadline
Define your digital transformation strategy. Depending on your existing situation, your priorities and the available resources
Help you choose the technological tools best suited to your teams and your budget. As well as the profiles of your users
Need to have a dashboard to manage your activity. We can support you according to your context.
Google Maps
  • Creation of the Google Maps file
  • Quarterly Statistics
  • Alert in case of negative reviews
  • Recommendations

Emailing campaign
  • Design of the Mail
  • Construction of the target
  • Report
  • Recommendations

Social media ads
  • Choice of media
  • Design
  • Tracking
  • Analysis of results